NYC Focus Schedule

Mondays: NYC History and Tuesdays: NYC Culture – Jack Stanley

Jack has been involved with and has been making history for over 30 years.He has met and touched history in a way few have had the chance. He has interviewed and spoken with so many people who have made and touched history i.e. former Presidents, Senators, Governors, NYC Mayors, Astronauts, actors, newsmen, and musicians.In addition to these, He also has interviewed people as wide ranging as a survivor of the Titanic to a member of the Warren Commission to a man who walked on the moon… He has also talked to the children of many great characters in history. Such as the children of Thomas Edison, Enrico Caruso and George M. Cohan, These three people had a great influence on New York and its culture. His studies with Theodore Edison were quite comprehensive and were over the course of years.
His studies have brought him in contact with a wide range of personalities and that wide scope is always evident when he speaks. He is also a student of original information and has a large personal library of books and bound magazines that date from the 1770’s to the present day.

Wednesdays – Travel & Tourism – Sam Cook

After moving to New York City, Sam created a company that would deliver to guests of New York City the same experiences he had while traveling. It was then that Sam decided to start his own tour company and create his own tours to share his passion for history and adventure with tourists and locals alike. This section of the Uncle Sam’s blog will focus on the travel market and the travel industry as Sam sees it, a social creature.

He received his BA in European History from the West Point Military Academy in 2000. He has lived in Germany, Kentucky, N. Carolina, Colorado, and Texas.

Thursdays – Entertainment and Nightlife – David

David Champion, Nightlife Tour Guide

David’s favorite word in 2010: ‘CHARISMA’! Having grown up in Papua New Guinea and moving subsequently to Portugal, Scotland, Kenya and England, David Champion has cultivated a heightened sensibility to the intricacies and enjoyment of socializing in every cultural environment.

David recently graduated at the top of his class with a 1st Class Masters in Architecture from the University of Cambridge, and was drawn to a fresh life in New York, where the buzz of ‘social networking’ has become the fertilizer for blossoming opportunities in work and play.

Currently working full time as an architect for Studio Daniel Libeskind (of Ground Zero, New York and Crystals in Las Vegas), David moonlights as Uncle Sam’s latest recruit: The social nightlife guide and travel columnist. His passion for meeting others and indulging in the stories they offer draws him to the NYCene almost every night, where he has found friendship with millionaire business executives, celebrities of the fashion industry, sportsmen, models, doormen, laborers and vagrants.

David also runs a charity he started in 2007, aiming to provide a higher quality of primary education to underprivileged children in Kenya. ZAA ( continues to expand rapidly and has now distributed almost $30,000 to schools and individuals across Kenya.

Fridays: Neighborhood Focus – Samantha

Samantha just moved to New York City this past year, but loves exploring the different neighborhoods and enjoying everything the city has to offer. She recently graduated from Penn State University with high honors. She has a BA in film production with a minor in history. She has previously worked in NYC at The Maury Povich Show and Montel. She interned in Philadelphia at PBS, assisting with the production of newsmagazine show Tempo! In her spare time, she volunteers with New York Cares.  She will be writing her blog each week on the different neighborhoods in New York City, from Harlem to Williamsburg to Hell’s Kitchen.


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