Where is the Best NYC Shopping?

By Samantha Nicholson

Many NYC tourists put shopping on the top of their to-do list. After all, there are thousands of stores in New York City , ranging from boutiques to huge department stores to little-known designer outposts. But with all this selection, shopping can sometimes be a lot less enjoyable than a trip to your local mall. You might even just end up going to the same stores you can find anywhere. However, your NYC shopping experience should be unique and memorable, not just another trip to Abercrombie and Fitch. The best plan is to pick an NYC shopping area that appeals to your taste and your wallet. Here are the details of each of the major shopping districts in New York City .
SoHo in New York City is the most unique shopping area in the world. You can find colorful knock-off RayBan Wayfarers on the street for as little as $3. Or you can head to Dolce & Gabbana and get a blazer for $1500. The high-end stores you’ll want to check out in SoHo are Chanel, Phillip Lim, Atelier New York , and RPM Studio Inc , among others. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for jeans that cost about a month’s rent in NYC , you can still have fun window-shopping and trying on outfits. If you’re looking for cheaper but still high-quality clothes, you’ll want to check out Top Shop, H & M, and Uniqlo. Yes, you can find these stores in any mall in the USA, but the selection here is unbeatable. Also, these stores tend to get the newest clothes first. No one else in your hometown will have some of the items at these outposts of popular stores.

Just the word “Fifth Ave” tends to make people imagine wealthy people and posh stores. And yes, Fifth Avenue has plenty of that. On this one avenue, you can find Bergdorf Goodman , Henri Bendel, Cartier, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co . Even if the salespeople seem a little frightening, don’t be afraid to go inside and check out the items. You can even try them on if you’re especially brave. Fifth Avenue is the best place for huge department stores. Saks Fifth Avenue is an NYC favorite, and you can easily spend the entire day browsing the store.
If you want to escape the throngs of tourists that crowd Fifth Avenue and SoHo, try shopping in the Upper East Side . You’ll find a lot of the same stores that also have downtown NYC locations; except uptown there are far less crowds and a shopper can get personal attention for the salespeople. Some stores you will want to check out include the Sonia Rykiel boutique, the uptown version of RPM Studio Inc, and the uptown Bloomingdale’s . You won’t find many cheap stores here, but that is part of the Upper East Side’s allure.
It is true that you have to plan your New York City shopping trip in order to have the best and most productive time possible. It will only take a few minutes to plan out a fun day of shopping. Or you can make things even easier by booking Uncle Sam’s New York’s Fashion on Fifth Avenue Tour This tour will take you to the best stores in New York City with the help of your own personal stylist. The tour runs every Saturday.


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