Dirty Water Dogs! A part of New York Culture

by Jack Stanley

One of the joys of New York is the dirty water dog. What is that you may ask? Go to any street corner and see the hot dog carts. Hot dogs have been a staple in New York and of course is the lunch of millions. Just think of how many million hot dogs are sold in just NYC alone.

In fact there was a battle for the hot dog concession in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The price that went to bid for the location went at over three hundred thousand dollars! So you can see what a big industry hot dogs are.

The taste of the New York Dogs is special and has a flavor all of its own. People have been indulging on hot dogs in New York since the dawn of the 20th century. The term dirty water dog comes from the fact that the hot dogs are boiled in water and kept in the water. It adds to the flavor and it truly is a real taste of New York .

In a city where many types of food are available, the most popular in dish in NYC is indeed the dirty water dog. Don’t let the name scare you. They are wonderfully delicious and a true part of the culture of New York City.




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