Street booksellers along Broadway

by Jack Stanley

As one walks up Broadway from around 72nd Street to about 113th Street, you will find a plethora of street booksellers of all kinds on each side of the street.
This is where you can find a collection of treasures, trinkets and junk.

But the hunt is a good part of the fun of it all. Also you will also meet a collection of unique personalities in all of these sellers. Some of course are amazingly well read and will open up the conversation with the topics of the day, or a choice little tidbit on some historical event. None the less it can be a real fun experience.

New Yorker’s love to read and you cannot go anywhere and not see people here and there with a book in their hands. There is that special feeling of a book. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I do not think I will ever get used to computer books and that sort.

Over the years as I have walked along Broadway in the area of the many book sellers I have found some wonderful things and I have savored the joy of these finds. I have found many 1st editions of some rather rare books, and also some great books for just reading.

But it is one of the great parts of New York and also fun for you to enjoy, at a very reasonable price. While you visit here take advantage of this wonderful part of New York culture and life.


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