There is a Season…

…Baseball Season, Deer Season, Holiday Season, and of course Cold Season.

It’s inevitable, like the Packer’s choking just as they manage to squeak into the playoffs. All the hand sanitizer in the world can’t stave it off.

I woke up this morning with a massive headache, dry sore throat and blood shot eyes. No, I was not hung-over, I was getting a cold. (Assumptions, assumptions, thanks friends.)

By the way, you hand sanitizer junkies are doing yourself a serious disservice. not only are shelling out wads of dirty cash, (Do you know how many germs are on the average bill??!?) Hand sanitizer does not kill viruses! Precisely what the average cold is. Furthermore, hand sanitizer  is alcohol based. The alcohol is what causes the gel to evaporate. The only thing hand sanitizer does is dry out your hands creating cracks for those germs that were on  the bills you took out of your pocket to pay for the stuff, allowing them to enter your system and make you sick (and poor).

Should you find yourself  as I was, under-the-weather, and not merely suffering from Bar Flu, you can alleviate some of the symptoms by trying a few or all of the homeopathic remedies.  (I am not an advocate for meds… prescribed or even over the counter.)  I suggest giving your body 3-5 days to do what it is naturally included to do in conjunction w/ the following you’ll be up on your feet in no time.

H20 = water. Drink it. Whether it’s a cold or the flu and even if you’re well and fine (said the Pot to the Kettle… If you’re like me and subsist only on coffee, wine and vodka, you need to prepare to be close to the bathroom as you’ll be going a lot. Water helps flush the bugs out of your system. Hydration is also imperative for proper organ function… You’ll read about your liver soon enough. It also helps in the hypothalamus do its job better.

****Fevers can be a good thing! Heat is a by product of metabolism, it means your body is working hard to make itself better. The harder it works, the more quickly you become dehydrated. If you’re feverish, you need to ensure you are fully hydrated. Again if you’re like me, I recommend getting a good book, you’ll be spending an awfully long time sitting.

Saline Spray –  Use to keep nasal passages moistened and flushed of crusts and mucous. Mucous-free, need I say more?

Apple Cider Vinegar for sore throats – First of all, let me remind you pain indicates something wrong.My advise is to treat the root of the problem and not just the symptom, what is causing the pain vs just anesthetizing.. Rather than taking an analgesic (pain reliever… to be discussed later) that is not natural to the body and corrosive to the stomach, I advise homeopathic and much less invasive techniques for stopping a sore throat.

*** 2 causes of sore throat.

The 1st being that it is organic in nature and the by product of a streptococcal bacteria. Apple cider vinegar has an antibacterial property.

Mix 1 ounce vinegar w/ 8 oz warm water, gargle for 20 secs, 2 times, swallow remaining liquid on 3rd go.

The 2nd cause is environmental. Oftentimes, the sore throat is a side effect of colds. As the nose clogs, one starts doing more and more mouth breathing. breathing through the mouth allows the individual to take in larger quantities, much harsher on the throat, also, in the winter season, th air is colder and dryer on the throat. The nose has a handy little machine-like structure called turbinates that warms the air as it passes through.

Honey and lemon – Honey soothes and coats the throat. The sugar from honey also converts to glucose giving your body the extra needed bit of energy to keep the metabolism and keep fighting whatever lurks on your body.

The citric acid in lemons help break down certain toxins thereby aiding the liver in its detoxification process. The liver at this point is probably already a bit sluggish  from processing day-to-day toxins i.e. sugar, alcohol, dare I say coffee?  Yet another reason to try to avoid medications as everything not natural to your body is toxic to your body. Whilst meds can be good for alleviating one of an ailment and your liver goes into overdrive to filter the blood of said toxins. The liver detoxifies the blood…

Suggested intake – serve w/ either tea or whiskey. (the heat of the water, melts honey enough to liquefy and coat throat better)

Whiskey is a vasodialator and causes blood vessels to relax and dialate.It has a sedative effect.  (see Hot Toddy recipe below) Which leads me to my next point…

Sleep – Last but certainly not least. Sleep is the best cure. Your liver and body are working hard to get you healthy. Use the malady as an excuse to embrace your inner couch potato. Additionally, you sickies that come into work, using public transportation, sneezing and coughing all over everyone. Do consider staying at home. You must notice that you’re being looked at and you have more space than usual on the train. We aren’t looking at you in admirration or respect for sucking it up, we cuss you and treat you like the social pariah you are.

Time – Again, give yourself 3-5 days for your immune system.

***Be aware of certain red flags that suggest you may have something more than the average cold. At the 3 day point you may want to consider over-the-counter meds.

Fever -any temp higher than 101 needs to be addressed. The first step is Tylenol (generic name acetaminophen) 650 – 1,000mg every 6 hours) Acetaminophen is anti-febrile (anti-fever) and an analgesic (pain reliever). Avoid Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid) although both anti-febrile and analgesic, b/c it may cause G.I. upset. Common symptom is poor appetite, aspirin is corrosive to the stomach so lack of food to protect stomach and aspirin being an irritant you’re asking to replace 1 problem w/ another. Also, aspirin interacts w/ other meds more than Tylenol. Do not take Ibuprofen as it is strictly anti-inflammatory.

Productive Cough – If you feel lik e your chest is congested and have to cough something up,. Try a cough medicine w/ Expectorant. This helps thin the mucous in your lungs and better enable you to move it out.

If you have a productive cough and are bringing up yellow, green or reddish-orangish sputum, consult a doctor.

If you merely have a dry cough and feel : “tickly” look for Guafenisen which is a cough suppresant.

Pseudoephedrine -Use sparingly and for localized congestion i.e. if only your sinuses are congested. Do not take if you have any sort of cardiovcascular condition to include, but not limited to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, history of stroke, etc, etc, etc.

***Do not take an antihistamines. These are for allergies. It will only serve to dry and harden any mucous that is produced. You do not want mucous sitting in your lungs. This is 1 of the ways pneumonia develops…. Bad juju…

You want to prevent the worst from happening, the best prevention is hand-washing, but if you’re aware of your body and remain proactive and take the steps to help your body get well, you’ll find yourself better in no time.

Far more important than hand-washing is listening to your body. Before you sue me, I’m warning you, always consult your personal physician (or medic) for proper course of action.

Hot Toddy


1 oz Whiskey

4 oz water

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tsp honey


Pour Whiskey into mug, boil water and pour over whiskey. Stir in honey and lemon.


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