NYC Nightlife: The Paradox of NYC Nightlife

Welcome to the Nightlife Corner.  I am going to take this opportunity writing the first column for our nightlife column to explain to you the paradox of New York City Nightlife.  On the one hand, it is the most magical, enchanting city at night in the world; on the other hand, it is the most complex and bewildering city to navigate at night.

First, the Majesty.  Frank Sinatra’s immortal song, New York, New York, perfectly captures to the idea of New York City when he called it “The City that never sleeps.”  With subways, buses, and taxis running 24 hours a day – compared with London where the subways stop at midnight – and laws that allow bars and night clubs to stay open until 4 am, New York City is always abuzz with something.  I was walking with my Uncle this summer, an avid world traveler, and he remarked to me that of all the cities in the world, he is struck by the life of New York City “It is literally Throbbing.”  From the oldest bars in New York City, to the newest, most chic night clubs, there is a nightlife option for everyone to enjoy the magical city lights.

Now, the mystery.  New York City is so great a night because it has an almost unlimited supply of options.  But this makes the city also one of the most complex to navigate.  Where do you go?  And on what night?  A night club one night might be perfect for a group of 20 something travelers from all over the world, but the next night, because of the D.J. and the crowd, it would be the worst place in the world to send them.  Likewise, some bars on some nights are perfect venues to enjoy a few drinks with friends around a table, whereas on another night it will be packed wall to wall with people.

So what to do?  If you are a traveler or new to New York City, you are completely lost.  But don’t worry, even the locals are.  In New York City, locals have such a hard time following the nightlife scene that they literally outsource it to promoters and event companies who keep them informed about the latest parties and events.  This column is going to focus on helping both locals and Travelers unlock the secrets of following the trends and enjoying New York City nightlife, whether you are a low key bar connoisseur, or a high energy night club party goer.


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