Getting into NYC Nightclubs

So you want to enjoy New York City’s legendary nightlife filled with dancing, drinking, socializing, and a story to go home with? Well we got good news for you. You can make this desire a reality as long you follow some unwritten nightlife rules. Some of these tips may be obvious, all are simple, but they are also key to having a successful clubbing experience in the city that never sleeps. The first step to enjoying a NYC nightclub is to actually GET IN the club. There’s more to this than you may initially think so be prepared to get turned down if you don’t take these things into consideration.

  • Get on the list
    • Planning to party at a nightclub does not have to be last minute. If you plan ahead and get on the guest list, you have a lot better chance of getting in. Go on the desired club’s website or a promoter’s website and look to sign up. It’s always a good idea to get on a few club’s guest lists if you are unsure of where you may end up.
  • Get in with promoters
    • If you decide to get on the list of a nightclub promoter make sure you get their name and number so you can give them a heads up when you arrive. Promoters make their money by getting people in the club, so they want you there. All you have to do is let them know when you show up and you’ll jump that long line.
  • Book a table ahead of time
    • If you are traveling with a group or meeting up with friends at the same club, booking a table in advance is a great idea. It is a lot more convenient and you’ll be able to cut the line. Booking a table can be done through promoters or nightlife tour companies, just remember to name drop the promoter or company at the door.

So far these tips have been for planning at least a day or two in advance. What if it’s the day of and you haven’t done any of the above? You may not be totally out of luck, but realize that it will be a bit tougher to get in and will most likely require waiting. Even if you did plan ahead, there are still things you need to take into consideration for the night of. Here are some last minute tips

  • Dress to impress
  • Arrive with women
    • Bouncers will let women in first so you’ll probably get in faster if you’re with a group of them. If you’re a social butterfly and you’re flying solo, you might want to get to know some ladies while on line.
  • Respect the bouncer
    • If you annoy the bouncer, you won’t get in anytime soon it’s as simple as that.
    • Asking stupid questions or being cocky won’t help your chances but trying to be buddy buddy with the bouncer won’t either. They aren’t there to make friends, they’re working
    • Tipping the bouncer is risky. Many bouncers won’t accept tips and plenty will take your money and simply not let you in any sooner. With that in mind, I suggest saving your money to spend on a drink for the cute girl inside.

There you have it. If you keep these things in mind and follow some of the advice offered, you should have no problem getting into a NYC nightclub. Once in, expect to pay a cover charge at the door, especially at popular clubs on the weekends.

Enjoy the clubbing experience in New York City and don’t hesitate to add suggestions or ask questions about these tips.

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