NY SKYRIDE – "Feel the Sights"

Travmedia.com just posted a cool article on our tours with NY SKYRIDE so make sure you check it our here.

The NY SKYRIDE, which offers virtual New York sightseeing tours from the comfort of an Empire State Building theater, is a great way to see the attractions of the city and has been a hit for years. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that Uncle Sam’s New York has teamed up with the company to create an even better for our guests. Visitors can enjoy the heights and sights with the “New York From Up Down and Sideways” tour, ideal for families. This tour runs Fridays & Sundays at 2pm and offers a comprehensive intro to New York City including the virtual tour of NY SKYRIDE, views from the cloud level observation deck of the Empire State Building and plenty escorted attractions of the city. For more information on this tour click here.

Uncle Sam’s New York also offers the “Empire State Pub Crawl” 5:30pm every Saturday, where tourists are taken back in time to the1930s to explore the majestic art deco Empire State Building. The Pub Crawl includes the NY SKYRIDE and FAST TRACK express passage to the observation deck and guides of three historical bars where guests receive free drinks. For the full scoop click here.

With the NY SKYRIDE you don’t just see the sights of New York City you “Feel them” so don’t miss out!


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